What Clients Say

“Wendy has such a knack for creating an opportunity in any circumstance. Her hopefulness is contagious.”

Susan G.


“I’ve known Wendy for many years and one of her MANY great gifts is to get you to see things from a more positive, centered viewpoint. This has been especially helpful in recent life changes I’ve made and am making.”

–Mark A.


“Thank you, Wendy, for believing in me and my ability to create change–even when I didn’t believe yet.”

–Sherry P.


“Wendy’s story is so inspiring. She turned her own life around and can help you turn yours around.”

–Patti J.


“Wendy supported me through a career transition and helped me see new possibilities for using my strengths.”

–Diane F.


Wendy helped me rediscover my sense of purpose

“I had been feeling trapped in my job for a number of years and couldn’t see a way out. Wendy helped me figure out what kind of job would give me a sense of purpose and helped me create a plan to get where I wanted to go. Now that I know what it’s like to get out of bed each day and look forward to work, I’m wishing I had worked with Wendy years ago.” –Kevin C.


Wendy holds a safe space for one to explore their processing, patterns, and possibilities!

“No need for armor. Wendy is a well-grounded, accessible, and constructive coach who holds a safe space for one to explore their processing, patterns, and possibilities! It may be corny, but my recommendation of Wendy is Rocky Mountain high—14,000 elevation!”
–Lori W.


“Wendy helped me uncover habits that were holding me back and form new ones that are helping me create the life I want.” –Mark C.