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Do you ever feel like your life has somehow gotten off track? I did, too. I went to college, worked at some very cool jobs, earned a graduate degree, had a family. And somewhere along the way, I realized that while I was doing what was expected of me, the real me had somehow become lost.

I did a ton of self work to become reacquainted with myself, to discover why I was put on this beautiful planet of ours, and to make some (sometimes subtle, sometimes big) shifts so that my life was aligned with my values. And I did it all without an eat, pray, love trip to Italy.

Today, I kinda dig hanging out with the real me.

Moving You Closer to Your Ideal Life

I’d like to help you feel that same kind of alignment. Picture waking up every day energized, deeply happy with who you are, and feeling like every day, you’re moving closer to your goals—whether that’s a loving and supportive relationship, a career that feeds your soul, or anything else that would feel deeply satisfying to you. You glide through the day gracefully instead of running around frantically. And you go to bed feeling grateful and excited to start another purposeful day tomorrow.

My coaching sessions can help you get there. Learn more about the sessions and book yours today.

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Wendy Jones
Certified Dragontree Life Coach



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